Comics of Bangladesh

Dhaka Comics is a Bangladeshi comic book house that was founded in 2013 by Mehedi Haque. Haque, with a group of young cartoonists and comic book artists, initiated the organization with an aim to publish comic books that can cater to Bangladeshi preferences and culture. Dhaka Comics believes that the youth of Bangladesh has in itself the capability and energy to produce excellent stories with standard graphics. They want to tell their own stories based on their own culture while maintaining the global visual taste.
That the ambition of Dhaka Comics is not unrealistic is proven through the immense popularity the various titles of the house have already achieved. For the first time in Bangladesh, this comic book house is providing age-group rating based comics in different genres.
Dhaka Comics has recently began to offer its content to global comic readers by translating the books into English and uploading the content via their own apps on line. It also expanded business to West Bengal Calcutta due to a popular demand by the Bengali speaking people of the region.
Based in Dhaka, this publishing house dreams of spreading Bangladeshi comics in all corners of the world.

Ahsan Habib
The one and only mentor of Bangladeshi young cartoonists Ahsan Habib actually inspired the Dhaka Comics to happen. Habib started his career as a cartoonist and writer in lat 70s. He is the editor of Unmad, a satire magazine running since the early 1978. He is one of the advisers of Bangladesh Cartoonist Association (BANCARAS). In 2015 he joined as an Adjunct Faculty at the Daffodil International University in department of Multimedia and Creative Technology (MCT). His area of teaching is Graphic Novel.

Mehedi Haque: Publisher, Editor
Mehedi Haque has been engaged in cartoon and comic book industry of Bangladesh since 1997. Born in 1984 Haque achieved his Masters degree on Urban and Regional Planning. Being an urban planner Haque always dreamt about creating Bangla Comics while working as a freelancer in cartoon magazine UNMAD. Finally, upon the guidance of veteran cartoonist AHSAN HABIB Haque started his own Comic Book house.
Haque is now the executive editor of UNMAD and senior cartoonist in the daily New Age. For more visit www.mehedihaque.com


Executive Editor
Cartoonist Nasreen Sultana Mitu has been drawing Cartoon and Caricatures for around eight years. She began Cartooning in UNMAD magazine in 2006. She used to draw Gag and feature cartoons for that prominent Bangladeshi Cartoon and satire magazine under the direct supervision of the legendary Cartoonist AHSAN HABIB. Mitu is now serving UNMAD as one of the associate editors. Mitu started Cartooning more seriously after getting a national award for cartooning in TIB’s Cartoon contest against corruption in 2009. In 2010 Mitu joined as assistant cartoonist in the daily New Age, a prominent daily from Bangladesh. Mitu started contributing to bdnews24.com; leading online newspaper of Bangladesh. Mitu started Caricature in the year 2011. In 2012 after the RANA PLAZA incident, Mitu drew a Cartoon on the Garment sector of Bangladesh; where a Denim jeans Price tag is depicting the price as some drops of Blood. The Cartoon immediately strikes the social media. It was shared for more than a hundred thousand times nationally and internationally. Several National television Channels developed programs based on that Cartoon. Mitu found more fun and passion in doing Caricatures. Her unorthodox interpretation of human faces immediately caught attention of the viewers. An exhibition of her caricatures have been showcased in Alliance Francaise de Dhaka in 2014. Mitu has been doing cartoon illustration in secondary level textbooks developed by National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) of Bangladesh since 2011. Beside Cartooning and drawing Caricatures, Mitu is currently working as a lecturer at the Institute of Education and Research, University of Rajshahi. To see her works visit


Asifur Rahman (RATS):
Associate editor
Asif took up drawing and cartooning as a hobby to kill the little free time he had during his sophomore years. Soon the hobby turned into passion and fueled by the desire to tell stories, Asif started to draw comics. He has been working closely with the Dhaka Comics team since its inception and has contributed as an artist and story editor to many of its projects. His interest lies in telling contemporary stories of Bangladesh through comic books. Visit artsbyrats in facebook.com.

Chief artist
Born in January, 1993 Arafat is now in the process of completing his masters degree from the fine arts institute. His major is in drawing and painting. Arafat’s first cartoon was published in UNMAD in 2010. Before that he achieve the first award of TIB anti-corruption cartoon contest. Arafat started doing comic book in 2012 by a short story of C.K. Zaki. His first complete comic book was Denoyed:32 published by Dhaka Comics in February, 2013. Arafat is doing children book illustration comics and cartoon in mainstream publications of Bangladesh.

Graphic Designer
Mahbub Khan is a graphic designer since 2008. From the very young Khan had the passion for drawing and design. Born in 1984 Khan has completed his graduation from National University in Bachelor of Business Studies (pass course). Previously he worked for a local theater troupe called Nagar Nattadal from Tangail. For the theater troupe they needed a creative and innovative person to design set design as well as printing materials; since then he started creating graphics for printing materials and took it as a career.
Khan is now working as Graphic Designer for the english national daily New Age. You can visit also visualillustrator.weebly.com